Taking Control

Taking Control

Let’s get right to it…




Let’s think of life as this highway that we travel. We enter it from the day that we are born, and progressively (hopefully as we age), we learn a semblance of where our particular highway may lead. Inevitably, we must all take our exit from this highway at one point or another. These things are facts. This highway could be long, or it can be short, but whatever the case you must travel it. How you travel it, though, is what separates you from the pack. Keep this in mind, as we go through a few things.

Here are some tips to navigating this highway:

    1. You can only go forward, not backwards. As such, it could very important for you to take some of the chances that are being presented to you. We tend to find a niche and get comfortable. But, what if that’s not the only niche for you? What if there is something bigger and better for you right around a corner that you just passed up? This could be from job opportunities to further enlightenment, from a new restaurant to a relationship. You never know! Which, is the Catch 22. Some could be good and some could be bad, some could be great and others awful. Don’t regret anything, because you learned something about yourself and about life from it. I promise. I used to wonder why the stove turned red when the knob was turned, after touching it once I learned my lesson (LOL). Just remember that opportunity rarely knocks twice, and if it does then you are meant to have taken advantage of that opportunity. Life presents opportunities and it’s up to you to take advantage of them.
    2. You are not alone. We go through life thinking that no one will ever understand us, and to an extent, that is true. But think of it this way, if you never read a book, how can you ever know what it says? What it means? Or what it is about? I am not saying use a social media website as an outlet, but there are more people in a similar situation to yours than you think. There are over 7 billion other human beings on this planet. If you have a situation that you just can’t seem to handle, ask about it. Don’t be afraid, and if you are, still ask. Courage is the ability and willingness to face fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. There are people out there that will make a legit attempt to get to know you, understand you, and help you. Don’t ever forget that. It’s a horrible feeling thinking that you can go through life by yourself. There are other people walking in your direction.
    3. Learn to focus only on the present. Too often we get trapped in what has happened or what will happen. What has happened, can’t be changed. What will happen, cannot be predicted. Simple as that. You do not want to lose sight of what you have in front of you by wallowing in the Past or trying to pierce the cloud of the Future. It’s not for us to know. Honestly, if you knew the future, it would change anyway because you’d try to pick the best path for yourself. With that thought, remember the 7 billion people? They have that exact same thought as well. Their future can change your future. Which is why I look at today, see the now, and live in it. Things are past for a reason, dredging them up is a sure way for you to miss something in the now. Think of it this way, the past had affected your present, but it is your present that affects your future.
    4. Think Positive! Try the Rubber Band method (because it works). Place a rubber band on your wrist and every single time you start to have a negative thought, pop yourself. This is similar to B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning technique. Or how your mom disciplined you when you continued to misbehave. What happens is that your begin to train and teach yourself not to think negative thoughts because your body knows the consequences (similar to how I no longer place my hand on the stove when it’s hot). It may hurt, but just think of pain (the negative thoughts) as a weakness leaving the body.
    5. Love Life. Ever meet those people that just always seem to be in a good mood? My boss is like that, and it truly rubs off sometimes. You can’t help but sit there and wonder what it is that he/she knows and that you don’t. It’s not a secret, it’s simply a person being in love with the life the live. Life is harsh, granted, but it is the longest thing that you will ever do so you might as well get used to it, and take some good from the bad. Your car broke down? Sweet, more exercise. You hate school? Excellent, now you have an excuse to do as well as possible to get as far away from it as you can. It’s not to sit back, and breathe (remember there are people that can’t even do this simple act anymore) and take advantage of life. Love people, love what you do, and above all, love life.
    6. Never give up. I remember playing basketball with my older brother (who just so happens to be very very good at the sport), and he’d torch me every time. There were times where I wanted to throw the ball into traffic (bad idea, I know). And yet, I loved the sport. What was I to do? Give up on what I love simply because I couldn’t overcome a particular obstacle. There’s a saying that goes: fall seven times, stand up eight. That’s perfect! Maybe your tactics were a bit off with the first attempt, and so you need to come at it from a different angle. If something isn’t working for you, try something new! The very definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. You don’t want to be the person walking in a circle. You want to know what happened after I tried so many different ways, over a few years? I BEAT HIM. Don’t give up, I believe in you.
    7. Be Persistent. They say good things come to those that wait. In some cases, this is true. In other cases, you have to go after that. If you’re going to be patient, be consistent with that patience. Likewise, if you’re going to go after it, be steadfast with that commitment. Sometimes, all we need to do is continue on the path. Going through a storm? Remember that the sun always shines after it rains.

It’s all about taking control. What you do with your life is up to you. Remember that. I don’t know your situation or your circumstances but I know that nothing is impossible unless you refuse to try. Stuck in a rut? Give these few tips a try and see that your life doesn’t get a little easier.

Life isn’t easy. I’ll be the first one to admit it. However, it’s not impossible. More importantly, God will never give you anything more than you can handle. I believe that if LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, MAKE SOME LEMONADE AND SELL IT!

Have a little faith.

Share a laugh.

Live a little.

Smile a lot.

Love life.


Thank you,

Mr. Baldwin


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