Hello! I Am Mr. Baldwin

                         And These Are My Thoughts

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan by a single, strong, African-American woman. I am proud of my childhood, despite the various struggles that we suffered through. For, without my childhood, without my past, there would be no present and certainly no future.

A long time ago, I had aspirations of becoming an Aerospace Engineer. I used to look up and watch the airplanes fly by and wanted to create them myself. Not fly on them, I am afraid of heights (LOL).

As I got older, wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to effect change on our future generations. I wanted to be a movement of my own. I believed that in the classroom, I would have the best opportunity to be successful in this endeavor. So, I entered college (and graduated High School with the idea that I would be an English Major (YAY !! (-_-) ).

Now, however, I am a Psychology Major and an English Minor with the intentions of becoming a counselor. I can’t wait to assist people in triumphing where I once failed. Once I receive my Bachelor’s Degree from Grand Valley State University, I want to attend Western Michigan University in the Graduate Program (wish me luck!).

I just love and appreciate the power of the mental capacity. I love to debate, contemplate, relate, and speculate (all those things that rhyme lol).

Focused. Concentrated. Determined. Motivation. Inspirational. Intelligent. Exuberant. Disputatious. Successful

“Nothing is impossible unless you refuse to try.” – Mr. Baldwin


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